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life is not a rehearsal . live it like it was ur last day to live last smile to squint last breath to take and last song to listen to. life is such a beautiful place a beautiful place to be u and have everyone u love and everyone that loves u to be apart of it . life is epic . life is urs. and it is what u make it. if u don't like it change it if u love it then make sure it stays the same. life is invigorating . love every second of it becuz one day will be the end but u will have lived the best life u could ever have . don't shelter urself from the world. pick a flower give it to someone you love. make a funny face or do a funny dance to make ur day so awkward it makes you laugh until ur stomach hurts. be adventurous or just plain silly to make every second of every day different from the last. it's what makes it life . end of story . <3